Survey shows Duplin, Sampson residents are positive about local community, the impact of agriculture, and the promise of renewable energy projects on farms

Duplin and Sampson County voters are overwhelmingly positive about life in their local community, according to a survey of 500 registered voters conducted in September 2021. The poll, conducted by CHS & Associates, shows that nine in 10 voters view

Statement regarding study about air-quality health damages of food

Statement from CEO Roy Lee Lindsey

The recent research article entitled “Air quality–related health damages of food” is a perfect example of how you can craft a “study” to reach a pre-determined outcome, in this case criticizing animal …

Keeping rural North Carolina strong remains a vital task for our pork industry

The news has been filled lately with more stories about the growing divide between North Carolina’s urban and rural communities. While larger cities are experiencing a wave of growth, many rural communities are struggling with declining populations and the continued …