Summer of CueWe’re declaring 2020 the NC Pork Summer of ‘Cue! Restaurants and small businesses could use a little extra love right now and we want to help. How, you might ask? By encouraging you to eat more North Carolina barbecue this summer! Everyone has a Barbecue Bucket List, right? From now until Labor Day, gather your family and friends and finally check some of those barbecue joints off your list! Throughout your travels, post five photos of you and/or your plate at five different NC BBQ Restaurants and we’ll send you a special edition “NC PORK SUMMER OF ‘CUE” t-shirt!


This way to a free T-shirt!

  • FOLLOW NC PORK on Facebook (NC Pork Council) and Instagram (@NCPork). For added measure, indulge your passion of NC barbecue by following @wholehogbarbecue too.
  • EAT OUT FIVE TIMES with either dine-in, carry-out or delivery service from any North Carolina food establishment (restaurant, food truck, mobile vendor) between now and Labor Day, Sept. 7.
  • CHOOSE PORK. Select any entrée for your meal where pork is the main ingredient. Barbecue is the obvious choice, but you can also choose a pork chop, ribs, pork belly burnt ends, shank, pork tacos, bratwurst, etc.
  • TAKE A PICTURE. Take a picture or selfie with your pork entrée. Remember the goal is to get other people to see the food and want to go eat there, too!
  • SHARE AND TAG. Share it on social media. Be sure to tag the restaurant, tag @ncpork and use the hashtag #SummerofCue to register your entry. We will share as many of these posts as possible.
  • GET YOUR T-SHIRT. Once you’ve visited and promoted five restaurants, let us know! Fill out this form so we can send you a t-shirt. We want to send you the right size, so we will order and mail out shirts right after Labor Day. NOTE: If your social media account is not public, we may need to contact you to verify your participation. On Facebook, you can make individual posts public.
  • Must be 18 years or older and promote on your own social media account. Only two t-shirts per address. NC residents only.

NOTE: Final t-shirt design and/or color may vary slightly.

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