The NC Pork Council Board of Directors and staff are proud to represent the dedicated members of the farming community. We need your support. The NC Pork Council strives to represent its members in all areas — production and management, education, promotion, and of course, to our lawmaking officials.

Why your membership is important:

  • It is the first and most important step in strengthening our voice.
  • Membership gives you a voice in determining the direction of your livelihood. You can play an important role in setting policy and determining the direction of our industry.
  • As North Carolina’s pork producers continue to be challenged by industry issues, the NC Pork Council needs to remain a powerful resource to its producers as well as a unifying force.
  • Stay informed. Every pork producer must be prepared to be a spokesperson for the industry.

Benefits of Membership

  • As a member, you have the opportunity to vote for the NC Pork Council Board of Directors. These directors vote and speak on your behalf.
  • You will also receive the quarterly magazine, NC Pork Report. Members also have the opportunity to subscribe (for free) to Porkline, a weekly newsletter that provides members with timely information on issues that impact pork producers. In addition, the Porkline covers relevant legislative and regulatory activities.
  • Members are eligible to attend all NC Pork Council activities, including the annual conference and trade show, educational seminars, farm tours, and fundraising and social events.

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