Henry Moore, III – National Pork Board

Henry MooreHenry Moore, operates Bobcat Farms, a family partnership consisting of a 4800 farrow to wean sow farm, an 8800 head finishing facility and a 100 head angus cow-calf operation. He is also an owner/grower with Coastal Plains Pork, which markets over 500,000 slaughter hogs annually. He was one of the founding members of Coastal Plains Pork and enjoys the opportunity to work with the other owners/growers; “it has educated me to the many aspects and responsibilities of hog production that I was not aware. We must all communicate and work together better in order to improve our industry.” Henry has served as president of Bobcat Farms for eight years, and serves as a board member with Coastal Plains Pork. He is a member of Friends of Agriculture, Frontline Farmers, and serves on the local Southern States Cooperative board. This year Bobcat Farms has been selected to be a pilot farm for the NC Environment Management System. “I believe we must continue to improve our waste management techniques and animal welfare policies, it will continue to be one of the major concerns facing hog producers”. Henry is a 1992 graduate of NC State University with a bachelor’s degree in business and a degree in animal science/swine. In addition to serving on the NC Pork Council’s board, Henry is a member of the Council’s executive committee and summer student internship committee.