Gaye Crowther

Gaye Crowther is the owner and operator of Seawright Farms, a 3,400 sow farrow-to-wean farm and Sea Gro, a 2,000 sow farrow to feeder farm with Smithfield Hog Production. In addition, she operates Sea Blu, a 40-acre blueberry farm and runs a 100 head cow-calf operation.  Gaye graduated from Auburn University with a degree in animal and dairy science in 1983 and began working for Dekalb Swine Breeders.  In 1985, she moved to North Carolina to work for Murphy Farms.  She managed the first 1,000 sow farm Murphy Farms built.  She has served as a delegate representing North Carolina at the National Pork Industry Forum.  She currently serves on the Grower Council for Smithfield Hog Production Division.  In addition to serving on the NC Pork Council’s Board,  Gaye is a member of Ocean Drive Presbyterian Church, the North Carolina Blueberry Council, and is vice-president of the English Mastiff Fanciers.

  • Elected to the board of directors in 2015, representing District 4.
  • Elected secretary/treasurer in 2018.