Jared Porter

Jared is co-owner of his family farm located in Mt. Pleasant. He owns approximately 1,000 acres which houses a 2,200 farrow-to-wean and multiplication hog farm. They also raise pullets, layers, and beef cattle as well as host many agritourism events on the farm. Jared is married with two children. He and his wife both live and work full-time on the farm. After graduating from Appalachian State University and an eight-year career in law enforcement, Jared returned to the farm full-time. He enjoys working alongside his family on the farm and during his free time is an avid cyclist.

  • Elected to the board of directors in 2016, representing District 1.
  • Elected to the executive committee in 2019.
  • Served as vice president in 2021.
  • Elected as president in 2022.