Statement regarding study about air-quality health damages of food

Statement from CEO Roy Lee Lindsey

The recent research article entitled “Air quality–related health damages of food” is a perfect example of how you can craft a “study” to reach a pre-determined outcome, in this case criticizing animal …

NC Pork Council substantially increases college scholarship funding for 2020

RALEIGH – The North Carolina Pork Council Board of Directors has unanimously voted to substantially increase scholarship funding for 2020 in an effort to reduce financial impacts caused by the COVID-19 pandemic on students at North Carolina colleges and universities.…

NC Pork joins forces with barbecue cooks to give back; Smithfield donates a truckload

They weren’t cooking whole hogs and there wasn’t a judge in sight, but in mid-April, cooks from the North Carolina Pork Council’s Whole Hog Barbecue Series showed up to provide close to 5,000 servings of barbecue to Inter-Faith Food Shuttle’s