Bob Ivey with Hall of Fame plaque. Photo by Eric Atkinson
Bob Ivey with Hall of Fame plaque. Photo by Eric Atkinson

Robert W. “Bob” Ivey of Goldsboro was inducted into the NC Pork Council Hall of Fame, the highest honor bestowed by the organization, one reserved for outstanding lifetime achievement and contributions to the industry.

Bob has been an influential leader in the NC pork industry for decades – and many of the significant advancements of the past 40 years are a result of Bob’s leadership.

In 2011, National Hog Farmer profiled Bob as a Master of the Industry, noting that “In the span of 35 years, Bob Ivey has built three hog production systems from scratch.”

And indeed, he did. He built Ivey Spring Creek Farm in Goldsboro that went from specializing in select purebred lines to a four-way crossbreed known for producing silky pork for the Japanese market. Then in 1989, he developed a three-site production concept for Maxwell Foods when that company diversified into hogs. The third challenge was when he developed a 20,000-sow production system for Maxwell in Indiana.

The record shows, again and again, that Ivey has brought an innovative, science-based approach to the industry, including in adopting and adapting for pen gestation across a large production system. And he remains active in the genetics segment of the industry to this day, through his ISCF genetics business.

Bob worked closely with fellow Hall of Famer Charles Stanislaw at NC State University to use data and computers to tabulate performance data on boars and gilts, which eventually led to Bob serving on the National Swine Improvement Federation board of directors.

Bob has also been a front man in biosecurity and state animal response planning efforts as past chairman of the NC Swine Disease Task Force. Through all of these efforts, Bob’s work has helped our state’s pork industry to be one of the most well-prepared in the country.

He has been instrumental in providing leadership to not just the North Carolina Pork Council, but the National Pork Board and the National Pork Producers Council. As a NC Pork Council board member, he was named “Pork All-American” in 1982, and then he served on the NPPC board from 1984-1990 and then on the first NPB board when it was formed, from 1990-1996.

Bob remains active, serving as a board member for both NPPC and NCPC, evidence of the trust and respect he has earned. He passed his love of the industry to his daughter, Marlowe, who was honored a few years ago by NC Pork as an Emerging Leader – further evidence of Bob’s interest in passing to the next generation all that is good and needed in our industry.

In nominating Bob, former NC Pork Council CEO Andy Curliss, who said that he had studied the industry, including reading meeting minutes of every board meeting of the NC Pork Council. “And it is based on this knowledge that I can write with confidence that Bob Ivey is more than deserving, is more than qualified and far exceeds all of the high standards that we have sought when deciding to admit an individual into the North Carolina Pork Council Hall of Fame.”