It’s time to recognize the many outstanding people within the North Carolina pork industry and thank them for being a positive force. These aren’t only people who do their jobs and do them well, but also people who work in their communities to be strong representatives of our industry. 

Below are three awards for which we are seeking nominations and a brief description. More detailed information is available on the nomination form.

Pork All-American

Pork All-American candidates must be between the ages of 25 and 40.

Outstanding Pork Producer

The Outstanding Pork Producer award is presented to a person over 40 years old.

Hall of Fame

This award recognizes those persons with long and outstanding service to North Carolina’s pork industry. The recipient may still be active or retired, or the award may be given posthumously. 

Please consider nominating someone for these awards. To access the nomination forms, you can click on the name of the award.


**Note: If you have nominated someone previously who has not been recognized, please resubmit a nomination form with updated information. We would like to consider them for 2017.**