NCPC submits letter to DEQ during public comment period

The North Carolina permit submitted a 25-page letter to the NC Department of Environmental Quality as part of the public comment period for the Draft Swine Farm Digester General Permit.
In addition, NC Pork organized speakers and others to speak on behalf of the pork industry at the four public hearings, making sure that all the activist arguments were countered with facts and industry concerns about the permit were heard. Overall, the draft permit was fair and mostly within the scope of the Division of Water Quality, which oversees the permit. The largest concern is that any regulations that go above and beyond the regular general permit would be incorporated into the permit at the next renewal.
The Swine Farm Digester General Permit will go into effect on July 2.

Participants named for first Pork Leadership Carolina

The list of participants in the inaugural Pork Leadership Carolina (PLC) program have been named. Twenty-three people have selected for the program to learn more about the industry and prepare them for leadership roles with state and national organizations. This program is designed for hog farmers, allied industry partners and others who have a keen interest in the pork industry and prepare them for leadership positions to the challenges and opportunities our industry will encounter in the future.

The 2022 PLC will include three different sessions of meetings and each session will focus on a different set of challenges and opportunities.

Click here to learn more about the program and see the list of participants >>


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