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Public Notice by NC Pork Council and the National Pork Board

The election of pork producer delegate candidates for the 2021 National Pork Producers (Pork Act) Delegate Body will be conducted electronically from August 10 to August 28, 2020. To vote, click on the button below. All votes must be submitted by 5 pm on August 28.

Any producer, age 18 or older, who is a resident of North Carolina and has paid all assessments due since August 2019 may be considered as a delegate candidate and/or participate in the election. All eligible producers are encouraged to have available a sales receipt proving that hogs were sold in their name and the checkoff deducted. For more information, contact the NC Pork Council, 1401 Sunday Drive, Suite 116, Raleigh, NC 27607, telephone 919-781-0361 or amy@ncpork.org.

The African swine fever (ASF) outbreak in China and in many other countries around the world is wreaking havoc on the international pork industry. Fortunately, ASF is not in the United States at this time, but the possibility of it or other foreign animal disease (FAD) means that American pig farmers must take the necessary steps to protect their farms and the domestic pork industry.

August 4, 2020

Pig farms see little to no impacts from Hurricane Isaias

Hurricane Isaias made landfall in North Carolina on Monday night and traveled directly through the state‚Äôs major pork producing counties. Despite heavy rains, initial reports indicate that no pig farms experienced any significant issues. There are no reports of impacts to anerobic treatment lagoons and only limited reports of farms that have lost power. Wind […]

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