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Hurricane Preparation for Producers

As we continue to track the path of Hurricane Irene, NCPC would like to take this opportunity to remind producers that, as with any potential weather event, it is important to make sure your farm property is secure, pumps and generators are in good working condition and emergency plans - including those related to animal welfare - are in place.

As part of your preparations, please take time to review the operating, monitoring and reporting requirements in your State General Permit. In particular, pay close attention to a new condition that was added to the General Permit in 2009 that requires all land application of waste to stop within 4 hours of the time that a Hurricane Warning, a Tropical Storm Warning, or a Flood Watch associated with a tropical system is issued for the county in which the animal operation is located.

Depending on Irene's track and speed, state officials say that these warnings could be issued anytime between Thursday and Saturday. Watches and warnings are posted on the National Weather Service's website. Watch and warning information can also be obtained by calling the local National Weather Service Office that serves your county, which can be found on Page 2 of the Certificate of Coverage.

Given the information that is currently available to us, producers are encouraged to make plans now for animal care in case of power outages or blocked roads/access to farms. As part of your preparations, remember to:

  • Test your generators to ensure they are working properly and will be able to provide power necessary for the well-being of the animals.
  • Ensure adequate food and medications are on site.
  • Develop a plan for checking on animals after the weather crisis passes.

Finally, please review your General Permit's monitoring and reporting requirements related to high freeboard or any failure of the animal waste management system. Regional office and after-hours telephone numbers are below.

Regional Office Telephone Numbers:
• Fayetteville: (910) 433-3300
• Mooresville: (704) 663-1699
• Raleigh: (919) 791-4200
• Washington: (252) 946-6481
• Wilmington: (910) 796-7215
• Winston-Salem: (336) 771-5000

After-hours reports can be made by calling the Division of Emergency Management at 1-800-858-0368.