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"What we do in our generation gets passed on to the next generation."
-Pearly Vereen, hog farmer

Today, pork producers are better able to capture, treat and recycle the valuable nutrients produced on their farms than they were just a generation ago.

Pearly Vereen knows about passing things down through the generations. His father was a farmer and his grandfather before that. And while Pearly would like his grandson Alexander to have the same opportunity, he knows that spoiling our resources today could cost thousands of hog farmers their way of life. Which is why Pearly preaches stewardship of the land, water and air. This dedication is evidenced by the way he runs his Exum, North Carolina farm. Pearly Vereen, like almost every other hard-working North Carolina hog farmer, is dedicated to providing the world with healthy, safe and environmentally sound pork production.

More than 46,000 North Carolina citizens work full-time in pork production and over 80% of North Carolina's hog farms are owned and operated by individual farm families. Like Pearly, they are dedicated to ensuring that they will pass a clean environment on to the next generation.

Not only is this section a resource for pork producers seeking information on rules, regulations and environmental management programs, it also offers consumers insight into the environmental management of our farms.